AGS 35 Aluinium Awning / Casement Window

The AGS 35 Series window is a commercial operable window system capable of incorporating fixed lights and operable awning or casement sashes.

Accommodating several methods of assembly and providing a choice of framing options, the AGS 35 Series can accommodate a wide range of applications. It may also be installed directly into most AGS framing systems.

With a choice of either square or bevelled sash profiles, the double sealed construction delivers assured weather sealing.

The AGS 35 Series incorporates single, thick and double glazing up to a thickness of 25mm.

  • 35
  • 35-1

Features & Benefits

  • Range of framing options
  • Single, thick and double glazing options
  • Suits most commercial and architectural applications
  • Square and bevelled sash and bead option
  • High degree of design flexibility
  • Compatible with a range of AGS suites


Maximum Recommended Sizes

Height: 1500mm

Width: 1300mm

Weight: 43kg (Stay dependant)

Frame Dimensions (Depth & Height)

Option 1: As Commercial Frames

Maximum Product Performance

SLS (Pa): 1500

ULS (Pa): 4500

WATER (Pa): 100

Glazing Details

Single Glazed: 3mm – 6mm

Thick Glazed: 8mm – 12mm

Double Glazed: 14mm – 25mm