Urban 584 Aluminium Sliding Door

The newly developed Urban 584 Sliding Door system has been designed to take advantage of the great outdoors and our increased focus on the flow between internal and external entertainment spaces. With the ability to accommodate, two, three and four panel standard siding configurations and the added flexibility of three and six panel multi-stacking and corner entry options, the new Urban 584 door offers a high degree of design flexibility.

Complemented with high quality hardware and excellent structural and weather performance, the Urban 584 has been designed to suit Australia’s wide range of climatic conditions. Integrated insect or barrier screening options and double glazing capabilities ensure the Urban 584 can be tailored to your exacting requirements.

  • 584
  • 584-1
  • 584-2

Features & Benefits

  • 101.6mm Framing System
  • Single & double glazed options
  • Standard configurations (XO. OXO & OXXO)
  • Multistack configurations (XXO or OXXXXO)
  • Inside and outside corner configurations (OXXcXXO)
  • Panel retaining system for high performance
  • Full range of head, sill & jamb trims for clean lines
  • Standard and low profile sill options
  • Integrated insect and barrier screening adaptors
  • Standard and motice lock options


Maximum Recommended Sizes

Height: 2700mm

Width: 1200mm STD Rail / 1500mm HD Rail

Weight: 160kg

Frame Dimensions (Depth & Height)

Option 1: 101.6 x 50mm STD Sill

Option 2: 101.6 x 19mm Low Profile Sill

Maximum Product Performance

SLS (Pa): 3000*

ULS (Pa): 4500*

WATER (Pa): 300

Glazing Details

Single Glazed: 4mm – 10mm

Double Glazed: 16mm – 18mm

* Achievable using panel retaining block system

Door Configurations

  • 53725-584 CONF
  • 53726-584.1J
  • 53727-584.2J
  • 53730-D_XXO
  • 53728-584.4J